Using Subaccount feature, you can segment and manage multiple senders from a single dashboard.

On the biggest advantage of this model is that each of the subaccounts will have their own login, email credits and sender reputation. The reputation of one sender is not going to impact the other one, because each will get their own private environment to send and manage emails.

This is useful for agencies who send on behalf of others or for a business that wants to separate out their different streams of traffic like a business ABC Ltd might want to have different accounts for ABC Loan, ABC Insurance, ABC Banking etc.

The following APIs have subaccount support:


Master account: This refers to the primary account as in the above case it’s the agency/parent company.

Subaccounts: This refers to an Agency’s customers or the customers of the parent company

Highlights of subaccount features

Master will be able to:

  • Create and manage multiple subaccount (max 15)
  • Temporarily disable or enable subaccount
  • Permanently delete subaccount
  • Monitor reputation of subaccount
    • Master account can view analytics of all/individual subaccounts
  • Centralize account billing
    • Billing will be handled by master account
    • Master can control the number of emails sent by its subaccounts
  • Allocate email credits to subaccounts e.g. one-time credit, unlimited
  • Control sending domains for subaccounts
    • Share whitelisted domain of master, so that sub account can start sending emails without going again for the domain verification and authentication process. Also, this adds another layer of security by giving the master the control to decide on what all domains a subaccount should be using to send emails.
    • Master can block or allow the subaccount from adding any new domain

Looking for more information about subaccount? Checkout our here.